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The Heart of the Spiral Politic

"Tradition, Obedience, Honor, Understanding, Loyalty, and Respect"
-The Philosophy of Gallifrey
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Gallifrey and Time Lord

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The Capitol The Capitol
The Capitol of Gallifrey
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The Capitol is considered to be Gallifrey's First City. Several Time Lords use the word Gallifrey to indicate the Capitol (and not the planet in general). Its official name is Capitol City, but some very unreliable sources call it Sage City.
Most Gallifreyans simply refer to it as "the Capitol." The Capitol is
in the Northern Hemisphere in the wastelands at the heart of the continent of Wild Endeavor. It sits in the valley between snow the capped mountains of Solace and Solitude. These are part of a desert mountain range that stretches to the horizon. The massive Mount Cadon dwarfs the Capitol. The only thing that grows on these mountains a deep red grass. During the time of the Pythia there was a volcanic chasm running through the Capitol known as the Crevasse of Memories That Will Be. In modern times, the Crevasse is located outside the Capitol. This might have been where the Untempered Schism had been for billions of years. Rassilon redesigned the rest of the Capitol after coming to power. In the modern era the Schism is located outside the Capitol. The Capitol used to have a harbor (but the oceans receded). The Kasterborous Borealis can be seen from the Capitol, as can Mount Cadon. The Capitol might suffer from a bitter wind from the Northern Lakes and was  covered in snow for much of the year.

By Human standards the Capitol doesn't appear to be that large of a city, but the dimensionally transcendental nature of a few of its buildings makes
it the biggest and most heavily populated city on the planet. Over half the planet's population (at least several thousand, probably several million) live in the Capitol and many Time Lords never leave the Capitol. A large glass dome covers the Capitol. The shaft the Capitol sits in the middle of is bordered by a circular white wall. Only a few of the buildings in the Capitol are dimensionally transcendental. It would take modern Time Lords thousands of years to rebuild the entire Capitol, and re-create the transduction barriers.

The entire Capitol is filled with a sense of silent timelessness. Gallifrey (the Capitol?) smells of cloisters, libraries, vellum, and old excitonic circuitry. Candles are very common.  The strong and ridged gravinium is the most common building material on Gallifrey. The floor plates have titanium rivets. Most of the walls in the Citadel appear to be made of stone with dim green light leaking out from the cracks in the aging walls. Unused corridors are filled with dust. The architecture is filled with alcoves. The decor of the Capitol can be changed in the same way that a TARDIS’s desk-top theme can be changed. They often to use the valuable brass-like Machenite as the building material of choice for the interior of important rooms.  The streets of the Capitol are patrolled by automated street cleaning mechanisms.

members use air-cars to get around inside the Capitol, but there the only exits from the dome are from a few metal doors at ground level (most of which haven't been opened in a century). A small conventional spaceport can be found just outside the Capitol dome (probably the Desiree Spaceport). Time Scaphs are docked the Scaph Port.
The capitol is broken up into numbered sectors and all the rooms are numbered (example Room 30007 in the Administrative Complex - probably Sector 3).  Each of these Sectors is described below.

Citadel of the Capitol
The Citadel of the Time Lords
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In the center of the Capitol (beneath the apex of the dome) is the Great Citadel. Rassilon designed the fortress-like Citadel and this is where all the Time Lords live. It would take modern Time Lords a few centuries to re-build the Citadel and re-create the Eye of Harmony. The center of this structure is a turquoise colored hour-glass shaped tower with a circular base that is designated Sector 1, while Sectors 2-6 designate the towers attached to and protruding from the base of the structure. These parts of the Capitol is known as the Higher City (to differentiate it from Mid-Town and Low Town). Each of these sectors is filled with numerous cathedral like rooms of metal and glass. The Citadel is probably dimensionally transcendental and it would probably take about 73 days for one person to visit every part of the Citadel.
Omega Memorial
Omega Memorial
At the top of the structure is the Omega Memorial.
Panopticon Panopticon
The Panoptican
Located at the heart of Sector 1 on Level 31 of the Citadel is the Panopticon. The name of this assembly hall is derived from the Eye of Harmony's ability to observer and 'see' all of space and time, and because an 'opticon' is Gallifreyan for a village meeting place. The six walls of this debating chamber are covered with galleries and seats that ascend into the darkness. The dimensionally transcendental chamber is so vast that it has its own weather systems (including occassional rain fall) and it takes an hour to cross the upper galleries on foot. The interior walls are designed to glow with a turquoise color when he sun is shining on the Citadel. There is a 6 sided debating chamber located in the center of the room. There is an access point to the Power Mast of the Eye of Harmony is located in this debating area of the Panopticon beneath the Presidential Dais. Due to the presence of the Power Mast, access to the Panopticon is forbidden to the general public. Except during ceremonial events, it requires the permission of an member of the Inner Council to enter the chamber. There is a 200 foot diameter Seal of Rassilon made of Machonite inlaid with bone-white marble that hangs face down like a massive chandelier over the Power Mast. A display case in the Panoptican holds the Rod of Rassilon when it isn’t being carried by the President. While the details of the decor is left up to each Lord President, each wall has a black stone statue of a Gallifreyan heroes - one for each College. Though there is much debate as to who those six heroes are, it is known that Rassilon's statue is in the north, while Omega's was on the south side of the room. There was a competition to see which College could build the biggest statue. This bankrupted the Scendeles College. The Hall of Rassilon leads up to the Panoptican. This hall is filled with 'regenerating' statues of important Time Lords, like Apeiron, Mutanioa, Omega, Pandak, Pandak IV, Pandak XX, and Rassilon. On either side of the main entrance are antechambers were the ceromonial collars and robes of the Time Lords are stored. A similar presidential antechamber is attached to the entrance above the main dais.
President's Office The Inner Council The Great Hall of Time
President's Office, the Inner Council Conference Room, and The Great Hall of Time 
Sector 2 is known as the Presidential Wheel holds the Presidential Palace and the various council chambers. The Presidents Office and the rest of the Presidential Palace is on level 5. The security around the Presidential palace has the most sophisticated bio-monitoring systems in the cosmos. The Presidential Retreat is the name of the President’s office. This is the most powerful office in all of time and space. Rassilon’s Throne is in the Presidential Retreat. The Presidential office has a massive blast screen that can retract so that one can view the rest of the Capitol. There are secret passages that use dimensional junctures to allow the President to move in secret to locations throughout the Capitol. Each President has added more and more passages connecting all parts of the Capitol (including the Omega Arsenal) to their Office.

Nested into one of the alcoves in the Presidential Palace is
the Inner Council Room which was intended to be a private area for the President to meet with the rest of the Inner Council in secret. This room has a Matrix Portal mounted above the debating table and a secret door that leads to the controls for the Time Scoop. This room is only used about once every thousand years and serves as a storage for lesser know artifacts of Rassilon. Normally the Inner Council meets in the Great Hall of Time where one of the Matrix Portals is mounted. A famously effective polygonal Zero Room (created by the Other) can be found in the basement of the Junior Senate Block.
the Citadel
The Chancellor's Office
Sector 3 holds the Chancellor's suite and office, as well as the offices of the Chancellery Guard. The Chancellery is located on level 5.
Security Control Interrogation Cell Execution Room Holding Bay Court Room
Security Control, Interrogation Cell, Execution Room, TARDIS Holding Bay, and High Court Room
The rest of the Watch work in Sector 4's Jasdisary Building which is attached to the Citadel. The Jasidary Building holds 90 stories of administration offices. There are no windows on the first 30 floors. It was designed by the architect Apeiron and completes a rotation every 58 minutes. Within the Sector 4 of the Citadel is the Security Compound where Security Control, High Court, interrogation cells, detention rooms, execution rooms, and the Oubliette Suites are located. The luxurious Oubliette Suites are where prisoners are held (if they aren't sent to Shada). There are holding cells beneath the Capitol with deadlocks. There are several holding bays for timeships should a recall and mass time scoopings be necessary.

the Citadel the Citadel the Citadel the Citadel the Citadel the Citadel the Citadel
Various parts of the Citadel 
Sector 5 of the Citadel also houses the best libraries in the cosmos, the Panopticon Archives includes the Capitol Library and the Rothe Tower Library. You need a library card to borrow a book from any of the hundreds of libraries in the Archive. The maximum time you can borrow the book (without being fined) is 150 years. In the Capitol Museum are display cases holding they symbols of the President as well as Pandak’s Staff. There are displays of every type of robe of state here as well. In section of the museum devoted to the Ancient Times there are impressive displays of the worlds controlled by the Great Vampires. There is even an Armory Museum.

Sector 6 is the second largest sector in the Capitol. As its number implies, it is directly adjacent to archives of Sector 5. Its Residential Wing holds the offices and dormitories for all 1000 of the Time Lords of Gallifrey. Though the Citadel towers over the other buildings in Capitol City, the exterior isn't large enough to allow 1000 Time Lords to live in comfort. Fortunately it's interior is dimensionally transcendental and has at least 119 levels. The Cardinal’s Habitation Complex holds the living quarters for the Cardinals.This might be where Tower Gamma 6 is located.

Sector 6 extends out to cover the entire Prydonian Time Academy. The Time Academy is a self-contained city annexed to the Citadel. The Academy covers 28 square miles and has it's own TARDIS cradles and scaphe bays. Its made up of glass towers, covered walkways, dormitories, lecture halls, gymnasiums, and eateries. Most (if not all) of the Junior Cardinals and Time Lord Councilors teach at the Academy.

Traffic Control Controls for Transduction Barriers Controls for Transduction Barriers
The Traffic Control Room and the controls for Transduction Barriers
Sector's 7 and 8 designated the rest of the Capitol, outside the Citadel. Beneath the upper levels of the Citadel is Sector 7, which is known as MidTown. There are a total of 363 white towers arrayed in a circular pattern around the Presidential Wheel. Many of the surrounding towers are helical in design. There is a statue of Omega located just outside the Citadel which dates back to the Time of Legend (making it one of the most ancient features of the Capitol).  The original Time Capsule Growth Foundry was located near this statue.

The 53 story Communications Tower is just outside the Citadel in Sector 7. The tower holds Traffic Control, which is one of the highest security-rated rooms in the Citadel. Every ship passing through the Kasterborus Sector is carefully monitored. Because of that location Power Mast on level 31 of Sector 1, Level 31 of sector 7 of the Citadel also houses the controls for the Transduction Barriers and the Quantum Force-Fields.  
Time Control Room Time Control Room
Time Control Room
The Temporal Scanning HQ (with its temporal control room and temporal monitoring chamber) is also found in Sector 7 (probably in the Communications Tower). The Main Temporal Monitoring Chamber wraps around a massive Infinity Chamber. Above it are public galleries.  Like Traffic Control, the security systems here are quite extensive.

There are two huge towers in the north of the Capitol named Canoncity and Likelihood. Both of these building are among the few that are dimensionally transcendental.
The tower of Likelihood might be home to the Bureau of Possible Events. Sector 7 might hold Tower Alpha 7.
MidTown has a Multi-Dimensional Art Gallery
beneath the Capitol.  It is filled with vast numbers of computer created paintings from throughout Gallifrey's history, but N-Forms are no long displayed.

Scientific research is done in the Penansulix Scientific Structure (adjacent to Sector 4's Jasidary Building). Gallifreyan laboratories include everything from cross-dimensional wave scanners to test tubes and Bunsen burners. The Parachronistic Chamber (located deep in the Capitol) can regulate time distortions.
Time Lords meet in the Artron Forum to telepathically discuss and exchange points of view. While meeting their excess artron energy is absorbed and routed to the berthing bays to supply TARDISes. Other buildings include the Mortal Coil hospital complex of the Hospitaller-surgeons, Retro-Engineered Spare-Body-Parts Repository, the Meditative Sanctums of Astral Harmony, the Temandra Pleasure Gardens, Gesyevva's Fingers (colonnades), Bureau of Political Advancement, the Temple of Capitol Guilds, the Office of Public Registry, and numerous massive workshops. Gardens are contained in their own glass domes.
War Room
The War Room
During the Time War the following circles dedicated to the House Military's High Command can be found in a quiet corner of the Citadel beneath Sector 7 of the Capitol. These circles also hold the Time Stream Extraction Rooms. Extraction chambers were used to extract a subject from time in space a moment before their death for questioning. The subject would be a fixed point in time and they would need to be returned to the moment of their death after questioning so that the Web of Time could be mantained.  There were at least 7 extraction chambers. The very existance of the Extraction Room and the War Room is a closely guarded secret. 
4th Circle: Tactical envisioning and clairaudient intelligence.
5th Circle: Perceptual warfare.
6th Circle: Extra-sensory camouflage.
7th Circle: Primary evolutionary and terrorogical research. 
8th Circle: Deep Level Conference and Bunker facilities. The Nostrom Cloisters in the lower levels serve as a presidential bolt-hole.
Lowest Circle: The War Room where the Time War Council of the Great Houses meets
CIA Briefing Room
CIA Briefing Room
The CIA's Tower (and HQ) is located in the Citadel Constraint Block (also refered to as Gallifrey Central) about 1 mile from the Shrine of Pandak. The CIA’s tower is considered to be the safest place on Gallifrey. The CIA Tribunal meets in a room made with walls of glass blocks. The CIA enclose their labs in recursive time loops to hide them from Time Lord society. These time locks are the usual way that the Time Lords keep something from being seen or accessed by the other temporal powers. During the War Era the CIA used warp matrix engineering to destabilize the Citadel's pedestrian infastructure. This allowed them to regularly shift the Citadel Constraint Block from place to place so that no one outside the agency knew its current temporospatial location.

Repair Shop Dry Dimension Dockyard Embarkation Port
Repair Shop, Dry Dimension Dockyard, and Embarkation Port
Sector 8 is located in a cylindrical base beneath the city's spherical dome. The slums of Low Town (sometimes call New Town) has formed around the pillars that support the Capitol. Most of the city's Gallifreyans including the poor live here. The structures built around the edge of the Capitol are also considered to be part of Low Town, despite this, the Sector still receives all its power from the Capitol. Low Town smells of wet carpet and roasted Grockleroot. Horse drawn gravicarts move over the cobbled streets. Real fish can be purchased here for eating.  Some old villas date back to the Old Time and have been restored to their original form. Hidden in the lower levels are cisterns and a shrines dedicated to the cult of Rassilon the Vampire.

The cylindrical base of the Capitol also holds t
he Repair Shops. There are at least 19 Dry Dimension Dockyards on under level-14 and the Time Travel Embarkation Port located on below on under level-15. Despite this, its difficult to find TARDIS parking in the capitol. These landing bays can generate a dampening field that will prevent dematerialization.  Quadriggers (aka Quantum Engineer) work in the maintenance levels of the Capitol and wear dark colored coveralls. With the event of the Type 54 they were replaced by the less prestigious Quantum Mechanics.  During the War Era the levels beneath Sector 8 became a TARDIS Graveyards. (because the Time Lords no longer trusted the TT Capsules to safely make their way to the impacted dimension that held the traditional graveyard.)

Vaults the Citadel
Matrix Access Point in the Vaults and a Service Area
The foundation of the Citadel is known as the vaults. These chambers date back to the Old Time. Traditionally, Time Lord bodies are interned in the Panopticon Vault 30 meters beneath the Panopticon. Hidden access shafts in Panopticon lead to foundations and the vaults. Life support for the Capitol is provided my huge recycling systems, such as tachyonic recreation fabricators to create physical materials, and the Main Water Pumping Station in the vaults of the Citadel. The Pumping Station is off limits to unauthorized personnel, even Time Lords. Within the Vaults can be found the power couplings for the eastern part of the Capitol, and a fluctuating access point for the matrix. Half a mile beneath the Capitol is the city's foundations, the remains of the original Capitol, including the once regal Pazithi Cloisters and other acient temple adyta. Buried deep underground are fallout shelters and Catacombs whose total length (if arranged end to end) would exceed the diameter of Gallifrey.
Omega Arsenal
Temporal Projection of the Omega Arsenal
The deepest vaults of the Time Lord archives are held in an stabilized time eddy hundreds of kilometers beneath the surface. These Time Vaults hold the Time Lord’s darkest secrets and most mysterious artifacts, The Vaults are known as the Slaughter House, and they are about the size of Albert Hall and holds thousands of Gallifrey's deadliest weapons. The walls of the Slaughter House are white, with the stockpile stored in coded alcoves. The existence of these Time Vaults is known only to the highest ranks.

The Time Lords constructed many weapons designed to destroy Gallifreyan technology. Most weapons don’t need to be fired at a specific target, instead they affect everything within a certain area. Most of Gallifrey's Validium is stored here. Validium is the Ultimate Defense for Gallifrey and is one of the most dangerous of the weapons in the Slaughter House. The Regen-Gun is stored in these archives. It forces its victim to burn through all their remaining regenerations a couple seconds. A temporal grace system is capable of disabling the gun.
Inside the Slaughter House is the Omega Arsenal where all the weapons that are forbidden by the Laws of Time are locked away. One of these weapons is the Profane Virus of Rassilon. This Virus was created by Gallifrey's greatest nano-engineer, Erkulon, as a final resort to prevent aliens from obtaining Gallifreyan technology by destroying all of it. It can override and reprogram any excitonic circuitry. The Omega Arsenal also holds the Regeneration Codex.  But the most feared weapon in the Arsenal was the Moment. The Moment can time lock entire sectors, create time fissures into and out of time locks and different parallel universes, and break several other of the Laws of Time. Through the Great Key, the Moment became so powerful that the operating system became sentient and it developed a conscience and an intelligence. It can even influence their protector's subconscious actions, coordinating the events of their whole life to achieve its desired ends. For more information on the Great Key and the Moment see The Eye of Harmony
Lord President
The Head of the Presidency
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Lord President of Gallifrey, the Inheritance of Rassilon, President of the Supreme Council,

The Lord (or Lady) High President of the Supreme Council of Gallifrey and all of her Dominions, rules Gallifrey and has the obedience of all Colleges. The Head of the Presidency is seen as the physical manifestation of the Laws of Time and is the holder of the Wisdom of Rassilon, Preserver of the Matrix, Guardian of the Legacy of Omega, (probably) the Keeper of the Legacy of Rassilon, Defender of the Laws of Time, and Protector of Gallifrey.  He is sworn to follow the Wisdom of Rassilon and the Law of Gallifrrey. For some of Gallifrey's history it was traditional for each President to have a Presidential CAT (Calculating Animal with a Tail). This tradition was discontinued when the Doctor was at the Time Academy.

Technically he has near absolute power, including the right to order executions,
however, the Constitution states that the President cannot give orders directly to the Chancellor. However all of the President instructions must go through the Inner Council before being acted upon, and in an emergency session, the Inner Council can override the President at any time with a unanimous vote.  As Protector of Gallifrey, the President has direct control over all aspects of Gallifrey's defenses and has access to all of Gallifrey’s defense codes. However the CIA can override him in matters of off world security. The President is entrusted with many of Gallifrey’s most closely guarded secrets, including Jasquig Records, the War Perceptives, the Cavox Imperatives, and the Oubliette of Eternity.  The Black Files hold the most sensitive of the Time Lord’s secrets.  While officially they un-exist they are infact, held in an office in the heart of an asteroid in a pocked dimension which is a remnant of a redundant timeline. The President is the only Time Lord that knows that the Time Lords' duty is to enforce the balance of the Guardians and that they are directly answerable to the Guardians. It is also likely that the President knows that Omega survived the detonation of the star Quaba.  Up until Arc of Infinity the Presidential Code was 4544553916592.

The first time the President Elect puts on the Sash of Rassilon his is altered to become Biodata Ultra-Aware, which allows him to predict and manipulate biodata in a way no other Time Lord can. It also gives him the presidential bio-code which allows him to access the Matrix and the Matrix doors. The President is the Preserver of the Matrix and holds the Matrix Crown which allows him direct access to the entire Matrix and its predictive abilities (though its use is quite stressful and thus reserved for coronations and emergencies). Once they don the Matrix Crown a President becomes part of the Matrix via a living connection to Gallifrey. The President wears the Sash of Rassilon on ceremonial occasions and carries the Rod of Rassilon. If the President was to have access to the Great Key they would have unlimited use of the Power of the Time Lords and have complete access to all the different Universes.  The President wears the Belt of Omega.
The Presidential Palace is located on level 5 of the Citadel (see Sector 2 of the Citadel above).

The Presidency consists of three Time Lords, the Lord President (or Head) and two attaches who function as secretaries, and advisors. The attaches are not allowed to serve on the High Council. While the President traditionally wears white robes, but this is not required, and some prefer to wear the colors of their chapter.  Like the Chancellor, the President is addressed as "Your Excellency." When Time Lords salute the Lord President they hold their right hand up with the palm facing outwards towards the President.
Approximately every thousand years the Time Lords would deliberately loom a collection of potential leaders, one of whom would become the next Lord President of Gallifrey. Each President has the right to name his successor. This is usually done at a Resignation Ceremony when reading the Resignation Honors List. The High Council has to approve the President’s named successor, but this is generally a formality.  Likewise while these successors must be certified by election ballot, its almost unheard for anyone other then the named successor to win. The tradition for this started with President Pundat who had the Constitution amended. Indeed, generally this successor stands unopposed, however, under Article 17 of the Gallifreyan Constitution, any Time Lord can declare himself a candidate during an election. However most Time Lords serve on the High Council before becoming Lord President. 50 Members of the Chancellery Guard will be present for a Presidential resignation. Should a president step down (or die) without naming a successor an election must be held within 48 hours. All voting for a presidential election occurs in the Capitol (this might mean that only the Time Lords get to vote for the President). Alternately, in a time of crisis, the Gallifreyan Constitution allows to a former retired president to be named Head of the Presidency by the Chancellor if the position is currently vacant. The Cardinals cannot over-rule this nomination.
Despite the urgency to decide upon a President-Elect, it normally takes years to plan and assemble a Presidential Ordination. Presidential Ordinations and other formal ceremonies such as the appointment of a Chancellor are lead by Gold Usher (also known as the Dromeain Archibaptirx). At all such appointments Gold Usher will rap his staff down three times. Once for wisdom, once for honor, and once for tradition. Computers paint pictures of every Presidential Ordination. It is tradition for a new President to forgive political prisoners as his first act in office. The current President can not be but on trial, but Presidents can be impeached by a vote of no-confidence from the High Council. A President can be called to give evidence in judicial investigation. After a certain amount of time (at least 900 years) President's face mandatory retirement. If you have served as President before, you must regenerate before serving again. Ex-Presidents appear to retain the right to access the Matrix's predictive abilities and call for Presidential Inquires. As of President Flavia there have been 412 Presidents of Gallifrey.
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Auld Mortality

The title of Ordinal-General is given to the Gallifreyan who has been chosen to become the next Auld Mortality after his final Deathday. When he dies, his spectral form takes on a ghostly form and becomes Auld Mortality. This dark spectral presence haunts the current President of Gallifrey, reminding him that life and power is fleeting and that this death is certain. Computers paint pictures of every Presidential Ordination. Auld Mortality can be seen lurking in the shadows of each of these pictures. Ordinal-Generals have no staff, and no office. The existence of Auld Mortality is known only to the Head of the Presidency.
Lord Burner
The Lord Burner
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The Lord Burner is the secret personal assassin of the Lord President. If a President so desires, he can issue burn edicts into the Matrix. This edict is then relayed directly into the mind of the Burner, who will then assassinate whoever the edict tells him to. Burn Edicts are believed to be ceremonial but in reality the Lord Burner still acts on behalf of many Lord Presidents. Only two people have ever survived a Burn Edict - Braxiatel and the Doctor.
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The PAB use time rings to travel back in time and alert the Lord President when they are about to make a decision that will have negative consequences. The activities of the PAB are, by necessity, a violation of the Laws of Time. While this organization has existed for several generations, the official, and unofficial records do not acknowledge the existence of the Policy Adjustment Bureau and only the President has access to their findings or awareness of their existence. There is also no mention of the Bureau in the Black Files. The Doctor shuts down the Bureau shortly after the end of the Borusa Presidency.
Prydonian Chancellor
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The Lord High Chancellor of All Gallifrey serves as the administrative head of the government. Like the President, he is addressed as "Your Excellency." The Chancellor is appointed by the Supreme Council and ratified by the President. Ever since the Morbius Crisis it has been mandatory that the High Chancellor is always a member of the same Chapter as the President. One of his jobs is to limit the power of the Lord President, and the Constitution states that the President cannot give direct orders the Chancellor, instead such instructions must first be approved by the Inner Council.  The Chanellor represents and speaks for the Inner Council to the rest of the High Council. After a Presidential Resignation, but before the new President-Elect is sworn in, the Chandellor carries the title of Over-Chancellor. The Chancellor is also responsible for holding the Great Key in secret. He handles the day to day matters of the Citadel and the various Councils. Its very likely that the Chancellor is head of the judiciary and the Time Academy. The Chancellor also oversees the Castellan and the Watch and has his own honor guard. During the terms of a weak-willed President the Chancellor can end up effectively running the planet.
The Vice-President is responsible for representing the President to other Time Aware Races, and coordinating the Watch and the CIA. Traditionally the post of Vice-President was separate from the post of Chancellor, however in the modern era the Chancellor also handles the powers Vice-President. Thus the Chancellor would posses the Ambassadorial TARDIS. Royal Timeships have a Regeneration Facility that can pull your mind into a computer while the body is restored. In the decades right before the Time War the position of Chancellor would be broken up into Vice-President, Chancellor of Time Past, Chancellor of Time Present, Chancellor of Parallel, and Chancellor of Time Future. Since Chancellors are also the official Ambassadors of Gallifrey each of these new Chancellor's is probably tasked with representing the Great Houses to the temporal powers of the past, future, and parallel realities.
The Inner Council Inner Council Room
The Inner Council in the Great Hall of Time and the Inner Council Room
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The Inner Council is made up of the High Offices of Gallifrey, that is Lord President, the Chancellor (Vice-President) and the High Lord Cardinals. Together, these most senior Time Lords of the Inner Council represent the most powerful of the Great Houses of Gallifrey. In most cases, members of the Inner Council are between 6,000 and 10,000 years old. Traditionally there are only 5 members of the Inner Council, but, throughout Gallifrey's History the number has ranged from 3 to 7. In modern era the Castellan (if a Time Lord) is often included on the Council. Despite the various elections and appointments, the Houses represented on the Inner Council rarely change. And it is very rare for any Newblood House to be represented on the Council.
Normally the Inner Council meets in the Great Hall of Time where one of the Matrix Portals is mounted in it. But nested into one of the alcoves in the Presidential Palace is a the Inner Council Room which was intended to be a private area for the President to meet with the rest of the Inner Council in secret. Like the Great Hall of Time, this room has a Matrix Portal mounted above the debating table. This room is only used about once every thousand years and serves as a storage for lesser know artifacts of Rassilon.
The Inner Council interacts directly with the Head of the Presidency, and carries his orders to the rest of the Time Lords. During Emergency Sessions, the Inner Council can override the President's authority with a unanimous vote, for example, Chapter 14, paragraph 6 of the Constitution states - If the president is emotionally compromised by diplomatic circumstances, the Inner Council can vote in favor of military action without his or her final approval.
The High Council Seal of the High Council
The High Council at a Presidential Ordination and their Seal
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The Ruling Houses

The High Council is made up of the Inner Council and the 10 longest serving councilors of the Supreme Council, for a total membership of 15. These Cardinals are generally between 3,000 and 8,000 years old. It is forbidden to serve on the High Council and the Supreme Court at the same time. The High Council sets policy and is responsible for most of the daily decisions that affecte the world. These Cardinals supervise Time Lords in the Supreme Council, such as the Surgeon General, Gold Usher, the Keeper of the Matrix, and the Inquisitors. A sub-committee of the High Council oversees the Temporal Scanning Service at Temporal Scanning HQ. The Honorable Central Population Directory is another sub-committee that is under the direct control of the High Council (they control the Looms). They usually meet in the High Council Chamber of Congress. Every member of the High Council carries a Badge of Office. Data cores of High Council rulings have their casings color coded by the Chapter whose President is currently in power.
Below the High Cardinals are the six Prime (or Lord) Cardinals (one for each chapter), and the four Cardinals. Later the positions of Keeper (aka Coordinator) of the Matrix, and Castellan (commands the Chancellery Guard and the Watch) were made non-voting members of the Council. Since Castellans aren't always Time Lords this is the only way a non-Time Lord can serve on the Council. Aliens are not allowed to serve on the High Council. Most High Councilors are too busy with affairs of state to ever leave Gallifrey in their TARDISes. The positions of the Chancellor and the other High Cardinals are ratified by the other members of the High Council and confirmed by the President. The members of the Council can be removed by a 1/3 petition by all the Time Lords. It is rumored that 2/3rds of the High Council has been bribed or blackmailed by the CIA.
The Supreme Council
The Supreme Council of Time Lords
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The Council, The Parliament

The Supreme Council is only convened when issues of great import are to be discussed and decided, the rest of the time the High Council handles matters. The High Gold Usher decides who can speak at council meetings. Without a President the Supreme Council technically can not ratify anything. However this law has been known to be deliberately overlooked. Their combined mental powers allow them to take mental control of any Time Lord (even ex-presidents). Below the Cardinals are the Chapter Cardinals (who lead the Chapters), Under Cardinals, Junior Cardinals and Inquisitors. These Councilors include the Supreme Court of the Guardians of Gallifreyan Law. It is forbidden to serve on the High Council and the Supreme Court at the same time. Chapter Cardinals do not serve on the High Council. Other members of the Supreme Council include the Surgeon General, Gold Usher, and the Keeper of the Matrix. All of them are still considered to be scientists and they continue to spend millennia working on their individual research projects. The Citadel's Cardinal’s Habitation Complex holds the living quarters for the Cardinals.

Twenty-Four councilors make up the Supreme Council, and indeed the body is often know simply as The Twenty-Four.
Any Time Lord can declare himself to be a candidate for the council, but membership is only conferred by petition of 1/3 of the Time Lord community. Only the most well respected will be able to gain such support, and it is very rare for a Time Lord to achieve a rank higher then Junior Cardinal at less then 2000 years of age. The Surgeon-General is a member of the Supreme Council, as is the Castellan. Traditionally the current President's Chapter will be the most well represented Chapter on the Council. Members remain Councilors until they retire, die, are removed by the President, or are removed by a 1/3 vote of the Time Lord populace. Most Junior Cardinals teach at the Academy as well as pursue advanced research projects.
Four Chapters
Time Lords and Ladies of the Scendeles(?), Prydonian, Patrexes, and Arcalian Chapters
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Gallifreyan society is organized into six Chapters or Colleges. These Chapters are politico-economic factions (or clans), each of which is represented on the High Council by at least one Cardinal Prime. The six chapters are based on the six founders of Gallifrey: Rassilon (Prydon), Apeiron (a warrior), Omega, the Other, Pandak the First (the second President) and Lord Patrex (though there is much debate among Time Lords as to the accuracy of this list). The Chapterhouses are also known by color, so Prydon is sometimes called the Scarlet Chapterhouse, and Arcal the Green Chapterhouse.

Each Chapter has their own Academy.
Most of the members of each chapter embody certain traits. A Gallifreyan's initial chapter is chosen based on their personality and talents at age 8. Upon graduation from an Academy a Gallifrey is given the opportunity to change their Chapter. But afterwards Gallifreyan customs forbid a person changing allegiances to another Chapter. Each Chapter has 100 full Time Lords for a total of 600. Their are also about 400 Apprentice and Junior Grade Time Lords at any given time. Each Chapter has a Chapterhouse. Time Lords can give their words as either a Time Lord or as a Prydonian. Such oaths are taken very seriously. It is traditional for Gallifreyans who change their chapter at graduation, to continue to wear the original colors of their academy.

It should be noted that plebeians (non-Time Lord) are not bound by the color coding of the chapters with respect to dress.
Gallifreyans who become Investigators for the CIA lose all rank and connection to their colleges. Black and white robes appear to indicate Gallifreyans who are not currently aliened with a particular Chapter. Black appears to indicate an alligence to no chapter while white might indicate alligence to all chapters. Jesters on Gallifrey wear multicolored clothes (perhapse this indicates confusion?)
Prydonian Seal
The Seal of the Prydonian Chapter

The Six Cardinal Colleges

  • Prydon Chapter: The Prydonians wear scarlet, orange, and gold. Most have long sallow faces with beaked noses. They are known to be plotters, decision makers, and liars. They also tend to be talented with learning other languages. This Chapter holds the most politically powerful Houses and for this reason receives more advanced Rassilon Imprimaturs than the lower chapters. The Prydon Chapter has produced more Presidents then all the other Chapters combined. They have also produced more renegades then the other chapters. This Chapter was founded by Rassilon.
  • Arcal Chapter: Arcalians wear green and brown robes. This is the second most powerful chapter and for this reason receives more advanced Rassilon Imprimaturs then the lower chapters. This faction was dedicated to science and technical expertise, and holds many of Gallifrey foremost scientists and temporal engineers. There is an Arcalian Council for Temporal Research. While they love to study it, most Arcalians dislike actually interacting with the outside universe, and rarely leave their TARDISes when off world. Even on Gallifrey they tend to be quite solitary. Arcalians are known for always siding with the winning side of any political debate. This Chapter was probably founded by Omega.
  • Patrex Chapter: The Patrexes wear heliotrope burgundy robes. The Patrexes are an order of artists, aesthetes, librarians, and philosophers who see artistic value in everything (even pain and suffering). Many of them have advanced telepathic abilities. They are know for the far away looks they carry on their faces, but most lack any true imagination. Adventure does not come easily to members of the Patrexes Chapter. This chapter struggled to maintain its quota of 100 full Time Lords and is a minor player in Time Lord politics. The Patrexian Numbers serve as a numerical base to everything they create. They are know for obsessively cataloging everything. The few Patrexes who do rise to the first rank are well respected for their mental prowess. One of the duties of the Patrexes might scanning into the future as far as was possible. Space-Traffic Control is considered to be a good job for Patrexes who long to learn about life outside of Gallifrey. Practically everything they create is beautiful but pointless. This Chapter was founded by Lord Patrex.
  • Cerulean Chapter: Their colors are a subdued light blue and they have little political power. Probably Green in policy. This chapter is made of either academicians or bureaucrats.
  • Drome Chapter: The Dromeian colors are probably silver-gray and they have little political power. Probably similar to Social Democrats. This chapter is made of either academicians or bureaucrats.
  • Scendeles Chapter: Their colors are quite subdued and they have little political power. This chapter is made of either academicians or bureaucrats.
Lunbarrow Exteriors Great House Interior
Exterior and Interior of a Great House
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Every Gallifreyan is born into one of Rassilon’s ChapterHouses. Each Gallifreyan begins life as a cousin of of their Houses. There are well over 18 houses.  The family of each House is lead by its Kithriarch. Kithriarchs are usualy appointed by the previous Kithriarch before their final death day. Under the Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey, a member of any House can give up the protection of their House and become the Kithriarch of a new House with a new Chapterhouse and Loom. The founder of a new House carries the title Grandfather. A Renegade Time Lord traditionally renounces his name and his house.

The physical houses are sentient and the oldest living thing on the planet. Their roots extend deep into the ground beneath them. The interior of a House and its furniture are designed to a massive scale to give newly loomed Gallifreyans a chance to feel like child
rene. The artificially animated furniture needs to be house trained, otherwise it will tend to chase people around. The paintings whisper at passing cousins. The Druges are massive automated humanoid servants who can be found throughout the house. They answer to the Housekeeper, but serve both the cousins of the house and the house itself.  Each one is composed of a basic servitor eidolon surounded by non-living syncretic matter that appears to be varnished wood. Some Time Lords were know to take Druges with them in their TARDIS to serve them when they were off-world.

Each House has a loomshed which holds its loom. The Honorable Central Population Directory defines the quota of cousins alowed for each House's loom. This loom has a unique genetic core to loom its cousins. This creates a template that standardizes the abilities and blood of everyone loomling of that family.

Each House has a Housekeeper who's is bonded/married to their house.  This is accomplished by taking the vow "I shall serve you might and main, mortar and mortice. I shall guard your bounds, your chattels and your progeny from Loom to Tomb." and receiving a wooden ring to wear. This ring will burn to ash if the Housekeeper loses the trust of their house. The Housekeeper is responsible for maintaining the house and its wooded Druges. They can use the mirrors of the house to see into any room. 


The Oldblood Houses are the Founding Houses plus the houses created at the beginning of the Time of Legend by Rassilon right after the Intuitive Revolution. The  eyes of the Older House are flecked with purple.


The Founding Exo Houses are the houses that date all the way back to the Dark Times (before the Time Lords). Of the many of these Houses that once existed only five or six still exist in the modern era. The ones that died out might still be found in the fictional writings of beings throughout the Universe. Cousins of these Houses command significantly more respect than members of later ones. 

  • House of Blyledge: The House of Blyledge was ancient even before the time of Rassilon. Blyledge is one of the senior houses in the Prydon Chapter of Glorious Gallifrey. The House of Blyledge is an angular small dark building that is older than the hill it sits on. It has a walled garden of silver trees in its center and is within visual sight of the Capitol. Family members often wear blue clothes and thus the House might be a member of the the Cerulean Chapter. Amnoni Distuyssor Lorizhon and Patience came from this House.
  • House of Firebrand: One of the Houses that pre-dated the Rassilon. It is located on or near Mt. Cadon. This house is probably extinct in the modern era.
  • House of Rassilon (originally Fordfarding): Probalby the oldest houses that survive the Intuitive Revolution. Quennesander Olyesti Pekkary, Olyes Dryanasor, Dryana Shylvarsor, Shylvar Karyesti, and Rassilon came from this house. By the time of the Doctor this house still had several cousins, but Susan is the last known womb-born decendent.
  • House of Goodlight: One of the Houses that pre-dated the Rassilon. It is not near Mt. Cadon. This house is probably extinct in the modern era.
  • House of Heartshaven: The House of Heartshaven pre-dated the Rassilon. It is located on or near Mt. Cadon. Hartshaven has a vineyard and makes Hartshaven Wine – which is considered some of the finest wine on Gallifrey. For this reason the House has a very well stocked and heavily reinforced wine cellar. The newblood House of Dvora was probably spawned out of House Heartshaven. Cousins include: Romanadvoratrelundar.
  • House of Jadedreamers: One of the Houses that predates the Intuitive Revolution. Some of its family were members of the Sisterhood of Karn.
  • House of Lineacrux: The least active of the Founding Houses, known only for their expertise in Gallifreyan history and laws. All of its cousins have the appearance of extremely old and senile Gallifreyans who passively observe society around them. The truth of the matter is that the Lineacrux cousins are some of the most powerful and influential members of Gallifreyan society. Their decrepit appearance is merely an act designed to lull others into ignoring them. They observe and (when consulted) offer their opinion in almost all gatherings of Gallifreyan society.
  • Lunbarrow Interior Lunbarrow Interior Lunbarrow Interior Lunbarrow Interior Lunbarrow Interior
    The House of Lungbarrow
    Pictures by
    Daryl Joyce
  • House of Lungbarrow: This Oldblood House was reformed in response to the curse and thus is arguably one of the original five or six Founding Houses from the time of Rassilon. The crest of Lungbarrow is two silver leafed trees whose branches reach over and intertwine. 45 cousins are allotted to the house of Lungbarrow. By the time of the Doctor, records will indicate that the Omega was an ancestor of the House of Lungbarrow, but House tends to produce Prydonians. While still considered to be a house of wealth and privilege, in the last several thousand years it has fallen from favor, with its highest-ranking member holding a title of Ordinal General. About 350 years after the looming of the Doctor, the House was deleted from History for exceed its Loom Quota. It was reinstated 673 years later.
    The actual Chapterhouse is located in the Southern Gallifrey Mountain Ranges, about two days walk from Rassilon's Rampart. It is not located near Mt. Cadon but does overlooks the river Cadonflood. A forest of silver leafed trees stretch from the House to the river Cadonflood at the base of the valley. The House is perched halfway up Mount Lung on the west side. For the most part no Family members come to the House of Lungbarrow, except for Loomings and Tombings. A hermit lived behind the house. The river right next to the Hermit's home floods frequently (this might be Cadonflood?). Southern Gallifrey is considered quite wild and beautiful, but does occasionally suffer blizzards.  There is a cellar full of Draconian Wine in the chapterhouse. The house was removed from the official directory and buried around the time that the Doctor met Susan.  The house was destroyed shortly before the Doctor's regeneration into his 8th incarnation. Many of the surviving cousins ended up being recruited by Faction Paradox.
    A partial list of the Lungbarrow Cousins:
    • Omega
    • Almund
    • Arkhew
    • Bob? (possibly the 17th cousin loomed after Satthralope?)
    • Celesia
    • Chovor (the Various)
    • DeRoosifa
    • The Doctor
    • Farg
    • Glospinninymortheras (Cellular Eugenics specialist and possibly CIA)
    • Innocet
    • Irving Braxiatel (claims to be the Doctor's Brother)
    • Jobiska
    • Luton
    • Mable (the Doctor's aunt)
    • Maljamin
    • Owis (was the Doctor's Replacment after he was disinherited)
    • Quencessetianobayolocaturgrathadeyyilungbarrowmas (Ordinal-General to the President and 422nd Kithriarch)
    • Rynde (Epicural Overseer)
    • Salpash
    • Satthralope (Housekeeper of Chapterhouse Lungbarrow)
    • Tulgel
  • House of Warpsmith: One of the Houses that pre-dated the Rassilon. It is not near Mt. Cadon. This house is probably extinct in the modern era.
  • House of Arpexia: The cousins of this house are Gallifrey’s only scientific fundamentalists. They place great faith reason and logic as the solution to all problems and shun emotion. They have been conducting research for research’s sake for millions of years. This house was responsible for the unstable Babels. They’ve produced many experimental Time Travel Capsules over the eons, but their technology tends to be over complicated.
  • House of Bluewood: A relatively minor house.  It was sometimes represented by K-9 in negotiations with other Time Lords.
  • House of Brightshore: House know for their political power, wealth, and sense of supercilious entitlement, but not the intellect of its cousins.  It produces a lot of Prydonians. President Liviacaralis is a cousin of this house. 
  • House of Dellatrovellas: One of the oldest and most powerful Houses. Time Lady Serenadellatrovella was a cousin of this house. Tebediatroculozan was probably from it as well.
  • House of Dooclare: A house that Lord Brolin was part of that took in Susan as Lady Larn Findooclare. The house might have also taken in the Doctor after he was semantectomed from the House of Lungbarrow. 
  • House of Jurisprudence: Inquisitor Darkelatraquistahastrad (aka Darkel) is a cousin of this house.
  • House of Meddhoran: Like most houses, all of this house's cousins have their house name imbeded in their full name.
  • House of Mirraflex: A minor oldblood House that produced most of Gallifrey’s generals, enforcers, and strategists. Its cousins are known for being aggressive and ruthless defenders of the Laws of Time. They have nothing but disdain for the Lesser Species and are know for their sense of supercilious entitlement. Their Loom was known for being particularly versatile. Most of their cousins do not trust members of New Blood Houses, especially Xianthellipse. The House was founded by General Mirraflex after the beginning of the Eternal Wars, who structured it as an esoteric martial lodge.
  • House of Nechronmancy: Nechronmancers don’t believe in the passage of time and don’t acknowledge their gender or their names. They’ve deleted most of the records of their House and are viewed as pariahs among Time Lord society. They are capable altering time states in ways that would be impossible for any other Time Lord. During the War these deep engineers collected Highest Entropy Matter (HEM) from dead time states (where the universe had reached thermal equilibrium and history/time has ceased to flow).
  • House of Scarlet: Almost certainly a House associated with the Prydon Chapter.
  • House of Stillhaven: A House associated with the Prydon Chapter.  During the Last Great Time War the patriarch of this house opposed the Ultimate Sanction. As punishment the cousins of this house had their memories erased and were used in experiments.  
  • House of Wetrix
  • House of Wherewithal: A decrepit old House in the mountains of Southern Gallifrey that had hundreds of stories. This house had no interest in Gallifreyan traditions. Most of the cousins are female, including Baba, and the three headed hydra-creature Faith, Hope, Susan. Lilith (aka Iris Wildthyme) was adopted into this house.


There are very few Newblood houses (relative to the number of Oldblood Houses) and their cousins tend to be quite eccentric. Unlike the Oldbloods, most of their cousins have the ability to precisely control their regenerations. All of them were founded no more than 10,000 years before the Doctor was loomed.

  • House of Dvora (aka House of Devouring Hounds): The first of the Newblood houses, House of Dvora was created 10,000 years before the looming of the Doctor. Its Grandfather was probably from the House of Heartshaven. Their Cousins view themselves as destined to publicly lead and control. Dvora is the only Newblood House whose power equals the Five Founding Houses. They are ruthlessly practical and open to using violent methods, but strive to appear impersonal and passionless. They have seven elite operatives who undertake secret missions for them. Originally associated with the Patrex chapter they later allied with the Prydonians.
    Cousins include:
    • Morbius the Imperator
    • Ruathadvorophrenaltid is probably a cousin of this house.
    • Romanadvoratrelundar of the House of Heartshaven, is the inheritor of the House of Dvora.
  • House of Lolita: A house founded by the 101-form timeship Lolita during the early years of the Time War. Its founding grandmother was destroyed less then a century into the War, but she had at least two children before this happened.
  • House of Oakdown: This Newblood House of Oakdown is allied with the Prydon Chapter and is one of the most respected and noble Houses on Gallifrey. This House produced the Master and the Master's Father (almost certainly Marnal the Crusader). Its estates were located on Mount Perdition. The hillsides were covered in fields of red grass.
  • House of Paradox: This House was founded by a cousin of Lungbarrow and conducted illegal experiments on Non-Linear Time. The Grandfather also begins to experiment with lesser species reproductive methods and begins wearing armor made of the bones of Yssgaroth infected Time Lords. It was reformed into Faction Paradox and exiled from Gallif0rey.
  • House of Tracolix: A minor Newblood House that is known for subtly trying to exploit every change that occurs in Gallifreyan society. They are arrogant, reckless, and ambitious. Their willingness to follow any passing fashion gives their cousins more versatility then those of other Houses.
  • House of Xianthellipse: A minor Newblood House known for its understanding of biology and biodata. Its cousins appear to view the Prydon Chapter with disdain for they never wear scarlet.


Below the Time Lords are the Plebeian Classes (non Time Lord). This ancillary staff and their families live in the rest of the Capitol. They are Watch guards, technicians, artisans, cleaners, engineers, cooks, and musicians. MidTown is between the Capitol and LowTown. Low Town is the society of poor that has formed in the foundations of the Capitol. The Low Towners call Time Lords Timeys while the Gallifreyan elite refer to New Age Time Lord dropouts who live in Low Town as Shobogans. The Shobogans are know for being trouble makers and vandals. They have their own form of writing, and often inscribe the words 'Bad Wolf' on walls and pavements. Their Houses are ruled by a Castellan (or Chatelaine if the Gallifreyan is female). During the pre-War era there are between 3 and 9 million Gallifreyans. But the Pythia's Curse fades shortly before the Time War starts, allowing natural reproduction to occur. The population reached billions, and by the end of the Time War there were approximately 2,470,000,000 children on Gallifrey.

  • House of Catherion: A now extinct House whose chapterhouse is looked after by a caretaker line. In the War era the chapterhouse's great hall is known as the Hall of Faces because the cousins were killed by a rogue Babel.
  • House of Everston: Romanadvoratrelundar is custodian of this House.
  • House of Ixion: This House is located on the southern edge of the civilized portion of Gallifrey, and just north of the southern mountain range. Indeed, it is the southern-most House on Gallifrey. Its original Family left during the first Diaspora leaving only a line of caretakers to watch after the House. Millions of years later Morbius chose it as the Headquarters for the Order of the Weal and made one of the caretakers, Chatelaine Thessalia, head of the organization. Its “cousins” were malcontents from larger Houses who were combat trained. Despite this training most of their duties were administrative. They Loom of Ixion was never used but rumor has it that they tampered with other House’s Looms to produced mutants and renegades.
  • House of Deeptreeredlooms:The Prydon affiliated Newblood House of Redlooms is a servitor-class houses that has been producing military ordinals (who serve in the Prydonian Watch) for a very long time. It is a family of loyal mavericks who have defeated a dozen Time Lord traitors. The cousins of this house often tell loomlings stories about vampires. 
  • House of Shadow: There are rumors and heresies of the existence of a Shadow House which hold Gallifreyans whose regenerations have failed in some way. These included regenerations that had only regenerated half of the body, regenerations where the body was changed but not the brain, regenerations that turned the subject inside out, regenerations that reverted the Gallifreyan into a time-tot and other monstrous variations. Also within this house the Black Nurseries hold mutated and paradoxical childrene (including those who over 20 years old). The advances in Gallifreyan science over the last several thousand years have almost completely eliminated such problems, and there is no evidence that the Shadow House ever existed. However the Doctor felt that that it almost certainly existed in the past (and possibly in the present before history was changed to remove it). If the Shadow House did exist the the Valeyard was probably one of its cousins.
  • House of Urquineath: The maven house of inconsequence and holder of naught. Antigone and the Hussar were cousins of this House. All of its cousins had purple-flecked eyes. Hussar lost all of the house's holdings through gambling around the time House Paradox was founded.  House Urquineath was extinct by the time of the Last Great Time War in Heaven.
Lord Ferain of the CIA and their Headquarters
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Rassilon decreed that the people of Gallifrey must defend their manifest destiny to govern universal history, and stop any threats to that future. The Time Lords are pledged to uphold the Laws of Time and prevent alien aggression where the indigenous population (and the Web of Time) is threatened. They also protect lesser species from Time Active races. The interventionist organizations are responsible for protecting history from such species. They also carefully monitor other species research into time travel and act to prevent unauthorized time travel. The Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA) was originally formed to deal with minor issues that the Time Lords viewed as being beneath them, but they eventually grew to be a very powerful organization. The members of the CIA are sometimes called the Celestials by other Gallifreyans. For most Gallifreyans (and even Junior Time Lords) it’s virtually impossible to learn anything about the CIA. There are only a few references to their interventions in libraries. It is rumored that 2/3rds of the High Council has been bribed or blackmailed by the CIA (the Doctor believes it's more like 1/2). Because of this, the CIA is, infact, the most influential of the various interventionist movement and believes that the Web of Time should be adjusted whenever it suits the needs of the Time Lords. Their motto is "They story changes, the ending remains the same." In other words, you can do what ever you need to as long as recorded history remains the same.

The CIA is obsessed with titles and positions.
Though the President is the nominal head of the CIA, originally the Coordinator of the CIA reported directly to the Supreme Council. But, as the organization's power and secrecy grew, the Constitution was amended so that they report directly to the Chancellor, providing the President and the High Council with plausible deniability.  Unbeknownst to even the Tribunal, the CIA is secretly controlled by the Matrix Lords (Rassilon, Morvane, and Bedevere) from within the Matrix. The effective leaders of the Agency is the Tribunal (also know as the Dark Council). The Tribunal is made up of the First (also known as the Director or Co-ordinator), Second (Sub-Coordinator) and Third Speakers. The CIA Coordinator out ranks the Castellan. The Coordinator of the CIA knows several secret codes which allow control of the Transduction Barriers, the presidential files, and the Omega Vaults. The Allegiance Command Cell is a branch of the CIA. The CIA numbers its investigators. The higher the number the higher the rank of the Investigator. Inquisitor, Captain, Commander, Under-Assassin, and Special Time-Space Troopers (ST-ST) are all CIA titles. Once they imprison someone not even the President can overturn the judgment.

CIA Investigators loose all traditional rank and connections to their colleges when they join.
However their bio-data extract will never mention that they are affiliated with the CIA. Most CIA missions are performed by Apprentice Grade Time Lords. These  Field Agents have are usualy between 100, and 1,200 years old and tend to go through a life-span approximately every 150 years. They appear to join until their final death day. The CIA prefers conspiracy and manipulation to open confrontation. Their agents are trained in Smallest Effective Change Principles and are skilled in the arts of subterfuge, but receive little instruction in diplomacy. CIA Agents in training practice their marksmanship on Staser Ranges, but are not given much training in hand-to-hand combat. Most of their time is spend studying and attending lectures about alien worlds, though they also are taught about many of Gallifrey's secrets from the past.

Their HQ is located in the Citadel Constraint Block and is sometimes referred to as Gallifrey Central. The CIA will enclose their labs in recursive time loops to hide them from Time Lord society. These time locks are the usual way that the Time Lords keep something from being seen or accessed by the other temporal powers. To ensure that information is not intercepted, the CIA Co-ordinator will sometimes input data and logs directly into the Matrix Datebanks.  To insure the existence of back up copies, top secret message sent from Gallifrey to agents are routed through the TARDIS closest to the receiver (they are of course encoded).  In emergencies they will teleport Secure Delivery Capsules (SDC) to the current coordinates of the agent. These capsules are virtually impossible to open if you are not the intended recipient.

CIA robes are simpler than other governmental robes and usually either gray or black
and/or white. Black and white robes appear to indicate Gallifreyans who are not currently aligned with a particular Chapter. CIA Field Agents in the traditionally wear black robes with tight black hoods. These robes are equipped with Personal Camouflage Devices with a wardrobe circuit that can make them appear to be wearing any of a complete wardrobes of outfits. This perception filter can be overcome by people with psychic ability. The CIA’s Special Time-Space Troopers wear elongated collars in addition to the black robes and tight hoods. Field agents are equipped with details histories, false identification, documents of authority (including Psychic Paper), and currency for various temporal nexus points. Like all Time Lords in the field, they carry galactic compasses.

Most CIA missions are performed by Apprentice Grade Time Lords with Time Rings. However, since unregistered TARDISes are much more difficult for Gallifrey to monitor, the CIA always makes sure to have a few unregistered TARDISes on hand. Most TARDISes used by the CIA's Field Agents have enhanced Recall Circuits and remote self-destruct systems.  If an agent is uncovered while in the field by the other temporal powers the High Council will deny that the agent works for the CIA. When field agents lose access to their own TARDIS in the field an Extraction TARDIS is sent to pick them up. However agent who failed a mission is likely to be exiled or sentenced to Shada.

Typical Time Lord weapons don’t need to be fired, instead they affect everything within a certain area. The CIA has been known to change history by manipulating the genes of a race by having their agents interbreed with various races. This is done to direct genetic drift between one bio-system and another or to reduce their aggressiveness. In extreme circumstances, Telepathic Thought Projection (TTP) is sometimes used to try to remotely override the will of members of lesser species to get them to act as the CIA wishes. Unfortunately these telepathic commands can often be detected by other telepaths in the area, and it usually pretty obvious that the controlled subject is acting abnormally. For theses reasons the TTP is rarely used for more then a few minutes. Preparations for a telepathic intervention are extensive and often require temporally suspending the targeted time zone in a time bubble while they are completed. While Time Lords are capable of moving and perceiving the bubble all others will be frozen in time. They even have the ability to freeze time on Gallifrey. Because of their powers, the CIA believes that Time Lords should always present themselves as Gods to the lesser species. This is known as a Class 2 Intervention. Despite being against law, many agents celebrate being able to eat various foods from the outside universe. Article 57, Subsection 12 of the Shadow Proclamation is titled “Jurisdiction of the Celestial Intervention Agency.” Viewing any records classified by this subsection requires the approval of the Castellan.

Chapter 9 if the CIA was tasked with monitoring and confronting other species that threatened to break the laws of time. In theory, the Supreme Court was responsible for judging non-Gallifreyan time active species or individuals who had violated the Laws of Time.  It is standard CIA protocol that any member of a lesser species who is transported through time and space by a Time Lord should have their memory wiped and be returned to their native time zone. It should be noted that Gallifreyan memory wiping techniques aren't totally reliable and the memories will often reappear as dreams. Unfortunately, the Time Lords are, in reality, a very fearful people, and anything the don’t understand is perceived as a threat to themselves. The CIA tended to over react to such things without bothering to consult the Supreme Court. The CIA has been known to destroy all life on a temporal nexus world in order to prevent one of the ancient artifacts of Rassilon from falling into the hands of another species.
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Organization founded by President Morbius and based at House Ixion. It was tasked to ensure Gallifreyan culture survived, but tended to be radically proactive in carrying out this goal. It viewed all historical records as suspect and trusted only what they could directly sense and comprehend. The Order was led by Chatelaine Thessalia, had about 170 members and access to 4 TARDISes. Its members were malcontents from larger Houses who were combat trained by the Order. Despite this training most of their duties were administrative. The elite guard wear black and gold instead of the usual red. The CIA eventually assumed all the responsibilities of the Order.
Validium shaped into the statue of a Human
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The Ultimate Defense for Gallifrey

Validium is often used by the Time Lords to defend Gallifrey from potential threats. This ultimate defense for Gallifrey was created by Omega, Rassilon, and the Other. Validium is a very flexible and elastic living metal with DNA. It becomes sentient when it achieves critical mass (probably about 300 kg). Its soul function is to cause destruction. It is capable of shaping planets and can probably travel through time. It might also be able to turn items into water or other elements. It can read people’s intentions and actions like a book and can choose protectors. Validium influences peoples subconscious actions and generates an aura of chaos that causes violence and destruction on any world it passes near. Despite these capabilities the metal itself is no more ridged per volume then most types of cloth. It can shape itself into whatever its owner asks it to be. Validium is probably used to create the Cold - A substance that exists as a liquid gateway/buffer between the Normal Space and the Yssgaroth-Space of the Vampires. Validium might be related to the Casts or the N-Forms. Since the CIA can delete entire planets from the Capitol, there is no need for the Validium to ever be taken off world.
The Watch
The Chancellery Guard
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The Chancellery Guard, Chancery Guard, the Watch

The Watch represents Gallifrey’s only real “army" but really serves as the police force for Gallifrey. It is made up of Gallifreyans from servitor-classes houses who's House has bought them a commission in the Chancellery Guard. Service in the Chancellery Guard is considered to be men’s work. Most of these are Gallifreyans who desire a more exciting life. All of the officers attend a Police Academy where they are trained in crowd control, investigation, martial arts, and how to resist the mind probe. They are the only ones allowed to carry weapons in the Capitol. They provide security for important Time Lords, Patrol the city, investigate crimes, and interrogate suspects. Despite this, the Watch has little combat ability and most lack any real fighting skills. Cases of Time Lords bribing members of the Watch are not uncommon. Each Chapter maintains its own branch of the Watch. The guards who protect the Capitol have all had more then two centuries of experience. The guards of the Citadel are more formerly known as the Chancellery Guard. There is an entire battalion of Chancellery Guards. Some (if not all) of the guards are Time Lords. Most if not all Gallifreyans and Time Lords believe Gallifrey to be a just and fair society. Thus Gallifrey has very little crime and the need for a constabulary force is limited. Few crimes rise above vandalism or the violation of minor laws, and the Watch’s main purpose is ceremonial escort and guard duty. Due to their boredom, the Watch tends to respond overly aggressively to any violation they encounter and are considered to be brutal, and quick to make assumptions rather than gathering all the facts.
Each branch of the Watch is lead by a Commander who reports to the Castellan. The Castellan of the Capitol (sometimes known as Chatelaine if a female holds the position, also known as Magistrate) is head of Gallifreyan security and second only to the Chancellor as Gallifrey's legal authority. He is selected by the Supreme Council and serves on the Inner Council. Because of the boredom of Gallifrey's virtually crime free society, this position changes hands often, and is often held by a non-Time Lord (probably due to a lack of any Lord desiring the position). Most Castellans are between 800 and 6,000 years old. The Watch are supervised from Security Control. From his office, the Castellan has access to 86,346 other computer systems throughout Gallifrey. With fore-warning, the Watch can set up a temporal-grace field in any area in the Citadel. Besides security, the Castellan's other duties include dealing with labor disputes with the Shobogans, and ensuring the maintenance and redecoration of the Citadel. The Watch can use torture on murder suspects, but needs special authority to use the Mind Probe. As long as one answers every question and tells the truth a properly programed Mind Probe causes no damage or pain. But if not properly set, a Mind Probe could fry the mind of a lesser species. On full power, Gallifreyan Mind Probe can take everything a Gallifreyan knows, ripping a living mind from its brain, thought by thought. This leaves the brain burned out and the body in a vegetative state. However under Romana's Presidency both torture and the Mind Probe were made illegal.
Inquisitor Valeyard
An Inquisitor and a Valeyard
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The Supreme Court

Unlike many human courts, Time Lord justice tends to work very quickly. Gallifreyan trials and inquires are overseen by an Inquisitor who wears a red sash of authority. His white robes probably indicate that he has no loyalty to any one chapter. Chancellery guards accompany the Inquisitor whenever she leaves the Capitol. While their legal system does have bailiffs and witnesses, there are no juries. The Cardinal-Judge (or Inquisitor) is the only one who can call witnesses. The Valeyard is the learned court prosecutor. Valeyards are also responsible for drafting laws. When court is not in session, the Valeyards can be found in the Inquisitor’s Offices. Again, his black and white robes probably indicate that he has no loyalty to any one chapter. While most cases are only observed by officers of the Watch, in cases where a Time Lord is on trial the 15 member Supreme Court of Guardians of Gallifreyan Law will preside over the trial. These guardians are selected by the High Council and act as advisors and moderators to the Inquisitor for rendering a verdict. Time Lords caught sending notes to their younger self must face the Grey Council. The Supreme Court has the right to judge non-Gallifreyan time active species or individuals. It is forbidden to serve on the High Council and the Supreme Court at the same time. They wear gold and silver robes. Due to frequent bribery, it is unusual for a Time Lord for a Time Lord to ever be put on trial unless the matter involves breaking the Laws of Time. After the events of The Deadly Assassin, the Keeper of Matrix was always retained to provide evidence from the Matrix and it is even possible for the accused to be held responsible for actions and statements that the Matrix predicts that he will make in his future. The event of the Ravalox Incident lead to a mandate that all Matrix projections had to be backed up by physical evidence and witness testimony. By the end of the Time War, trials were rarely used to determine what happened, but instead the investigation focused on the morality and motivation behind the accused's actions.
Mindprobe Termination
Prisoner undergoing the Mindprobe, and execution

Punishments authorized by the Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey

"We but administer. You are imprisoned not by this Court, but by the power of the Law."

- Traditional Inquisitor statement when passing Sentence

  • Temporonic Biodata Tag (received by all convicted criminal Time Lords)
    • Takes the form of a biodata tattoo in the form of a serpent dragon on their right arm.
    • This tattoo is keyed into the subject's entire bio-field and links them to the courts though his own biodata strands.
  • Mind Block
    • Blocks specific memories or skills using chemicals that break down memory acids
  • Exile to the Wild-Lands
    • This is the standard punishment for Gallifreyans who commit criminal acts. Most Gallifreyans consider it to be a horrifying punishment.
  • Exile from Gallifrey without a fully functional TARDIS
    • Exile is always accompanied by a Forced Regeneration.
    • A common practice often viewed as being worse then death.
    • At one point, hacking the Matrix was a crime that resulted a prison sentence of 500 years of exile. This could be reduced to 200 years with good behavior.
    • Theft of a TARDIS has only one penalty: death (of one body) and exile. A Fetch Squad is responsible for returning stolen TARDIS.
    • Often used for violations of one of the Major (first 3) Laws of Time.
    • Misuse of a TARDIS often resulted in this punishment. Time meddlers, responsible for minor violations of the Laws of Time were often exiled.
    • Violent criminals, who refuse to become outsiders or hermits, were often exiled.
  • The Disciplinary Forced Regeneration (probably regarded as a type of death sentence)
    • Considered to be a punishment for relatively minor crimes
    • For conduct unbecoming a Time Lord??
    • Requires the approval by the High Council
    • Mandatory punishment for unauthorized use of a Time Capsule (usually included exile as well)
  • Indefinite Imprisonment in their own TARDIS
    • The standard punishment for a “Sex Change Regeneration” (Before the Time War this was considered to be a worse crime then stealing a TARDIS and interfering in other time zones).
    • The subject's only escape is to activate the de-materialization switch with will remove them from History turning them into a neverperson.
  • Identity Alteration via Biodata Amendment
    • Retro-active gene manipulation to make a new person who would not commit the crime
    • A sentence handed out by the Supreme Court.
    • Used on aliens who are caught spying on the Time Lords
  • Confiscation of Remaining Lives via Biodata Amendment
    • Can be done to confiscate or transfer future incarnations to another Gallifreyan
    • Reserved for major violations of the First Law of Time.
    • A Time Lord who destroys an entire species forfeits all his remaining lives.
  • Execution by Vaporisation via a Warrant of Termination
    • High Treason and assassination of a President are both punishable by vaporization
    • Major violations of the 1st (as well as the second and third) Law of Time (such as aggravated temporal interference) are punished by vaporisation.
    • Committing an unauthorized Class 2 Intervention (such as setting one's self up as a god of a lesser species)
    • Hacking into the Matrix (originally this offense carried a standard sentence of only 500 years in prison)
    • Executions are carried out at the Place of Termination inside a molecular dispersal chamber with a termination tube. The remains of the criminal are dispersed through time and space to the nine corners of the universe and all records of the Time Lord's existence are deleted. This process takes about 40 seconds.
    • As of Arc of Infinity, Morbius was the only Time Lord to be executed.
  • Sentenced In Perpetuity to be frozen within Shada, an Oubliette, or a Phantom Sun
    • Often used for violations of one of the Major (first 3) Laws of Time.
    • Used on criminals (regardless of species) whose existence is viewed as a threat to Gallifrey.
    • Used on criminals that went places forbidden by the Time Lords or discovered information forbidden by the Time Lords.
  • Time Looping a World (reserved for punishing an entire species)
    • A sentence handed out by the Supreme Court for species that attempt to violate one of the Major (first 3) Laws of Time.
    • A sentence of 150,000 years imprisonment is standard for a species misusing temporal powers on the scale the Legions did.
  • Unhappening from History
    • The Time Lords can remove a single soul from history so that nobody will ever remember they existed. 
    • Used for aliens who are caught spying on the Time Lords. 
    • The Oubliette of Eternity can be used on entire species removing entire worlds from the Web of Time, but this is very rarely done.  
    • Carried out using an Omnicalculator (such as D-Mat gun or the Oubliette of Eternity)
    • As this punishment is a violation of the First Law of Time it is only enacted in secret by the President or (more often) the CIA.  
Gallifreyan Technicians
Gallifreyan Technicians
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Ranks that can be held by Non-Time Lords include Castellan, Ordinal-Generals, Ordinals. The Junior Senate is made up of the Junior Senators, and might be an institution of common Gallifreyans. A famously effective polygonal Zero Room can be found in the basement of the Junior Senate Block. Other organizations include: The Council of the Great Mother, Bureau of Loomographic Records, Causal Archive Record Office, Matrician Bench of Ordnance Surveyists (monitors the locations of houses and cities), Brotherhood of Kithriarchs, and a Space/Time Accessions Bureau. The Central Office of Temporal Observation. Hospitaller-Surgeons (handle medical issues).