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Happy 60th Anniversary to Doctor Who!

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"A full summary of the Great Houses' activities over the aeons would be unimaginably long and mostly tedious..."
- The Book of the War

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My Youtube Podcast Rassilon, Omega, and that Other Guy now has a weekly podcast! Check it out, its filled with Time Lore goodness. All episodes at
Ep 11: The Star Beast Our latest episode! A look at the 60th Anniversary special, 'The Star Beast'. We also discuss stories that happened more than once, and the TARDIS Desk-Top Theme controls.
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Greetings. I am known in these parts as Marnal Gate and this is the world's largest website on the Time Lords of Gallifrey (at least on this planet). This page was originally created in March of 1998 AD. It was last updated in November of 2023 AD. The following sections have received major updates over the last year...
I have (shall we say 'an obsessive'? Yes. Yes, we shall) an obsessive interest in the history of the history of the Doctor's people from before the time of Rassilon to their resurrection after the Time War with the Daleks. The idea behind this web page is to trace and collect all the little details about Time Lord biology, culture, and history that we have been given over the last 60 years.
If you have any doubts as to the validity of the data presented, just use your mouse to click on the text. This will reveal the color coding for sources for the entire paragraph. The Quick Color Key button in the top menu will show you the source of each color. Alternately click on the Sources button for a somewhat more detailed description.


Picture of Gallifrey
Gallifreyan X-ray
Gallifreyan Crib
Gallifreyan Urn
Gallifrey and Time Lord
Time Spiral
Gallifrey and Time Lord
The Dark Tower
Capturing the Eye of Harmony
The Temple of the Fourth
The First Doctor
The First Doctor
Bottle Universe Earth
The History of the Time War
The Rebuilt Capitol
TARDIS, Rose, Doctor
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TARDIS Index File

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I've tried to base all my information off of reliable sources. These include the TV series (new and old), Novels, Audios, and numerous reference books and websites. Obviously I have a great deal of respect and love for the expanded universe of Doctor Who beyond just the TV episodes, but I've made sure to color code the text so that those with a narrower view of head-canon can still find the site useful by just following the font colors of their choice. Rest assured that when irreconcilable differences appear the TV series will alway trump any other source.

If you curious as to the source of any piece of data in this site just use your mouse to click on the text. This will reveal the color coding for sources. The Quick Color Key button in the top menu will show you the source of each color.

Who is Doctor Who
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Here are some other web sites I've found useful / interesting / meaningful.
  • The TARDIS Data Core Wiki The single best resource for Doctor Who knowledge on the Internet.
  • Doctor Who Transcripts A site with scripts for EVERY Doctor Who episode!
  • The DiscContinuity Guide Detailed breakdown of a vast number of the audio dramas.
  • The Whoniverse Detailed analysis of numerous novels, and loads of other resources.
  • The Cloister Library Analysis of the continuity references present a huge number of novels.
  • The Doctor Who Reference Guide A 'chronology from the Doctor's POV' site, but with detailed summaries of each story. Unfortunately they stopped updating it mid-way through the 11th Doctor's run, but a great resource for older stories.
  • The Complete Adventures Another excellent list for showing how ALL of the Doctor's expanded universe stories fit together with the TV Series.
  • The Science Fiction and Telefantasy Databanks An excellent list showing how all of the Doctor's audios, novels, and short stories fit together with the TV Series.
  • Time-Lord-Rassilon's Deviant Art Page The amazing speculative artwork of this friend of mine shows all the glory, power, and arrogance of the Time Lords and their founder.
  • The Tragical History Tour A wonderful photo resource of screen captures, behind the scenes pics, and promotional photos from the whole history of the TV series. Many of the pictures on my site come from there.
  • The Doctor Who Web Guide Once, the best guide to Doctor Who websites on the Internet, now sadly out of date. But they're still on-line, most of their links still work, and they were kind enough to give my site a Website Gold award.
  • The Faction Paradox Website An archived version of the definitive site for info about Lawrence Miles' Faction Paradox and the early years of the Time War. Another version of it can be found Here.
  • The Mistress of the Magical Bus A stylish site devoted Iris Wildthyme!
  • The Doctor Who Image Archive As the name implies, a good site for Doctor Who pictures from the Classic and early New Who era. Many of the pictures on my site come from there.
  • The History of Things That Never Were A wonderful site filled with chronologies to just about every Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror franchise every created.
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I have no intention of infringing on the BBC or anyone elses ideas, property, or the copyrights of any of the above franchises, I only wish to promote a more detailed understanding and appreciation of their universes. This web-page should be viewed as an advertisements for all the sources that went into making it.